Hello beer lovers,

WE ARE BACK! Sorry about the lack of posts these past weeks but we’ve been really busy tasting new ales at beer festivals, and more recently watching every single Euro 2016 matches.

But here we are, presenting the first ever TV advert for Amstel (if you’ve also been watching the footy you might have seen it live during the England v. Slovakia match).

The video focuses on the provenance of the premium lager and tells the story of Jaap (say Yap), owner of Amsterdam’s smallest bar and his dedication to turning it into the city’s biggest. To do so, Japp has a bit of a funny collection but as we really don’t like spoilers we won’t say more than that.

“It was filmed in Amsterdam and will drive further awareness of the brand’s continental origins and showcase what we stand for, which is bringing people together for quality moments.” David Lette, UK Brand director at Heineken.

This is a significant investment from Heineken who is confident that Amstel can become a big player in the UK market thanks to its authentic roots.

No need to travel all the way to the Dutch capital to taste it though, you’re local pub or supermarket will be just enough.



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