1893, the Premium Cola for your cocktails

Remember that time you asked for a Cuba Libre and the bartender handed you a cheap rum mixed with lukewarm cola?

That time is over.

With the rise of premiumisation, it becomes easier to enjoy good spirits. People value quality over quantity and tend to prefer craft products that they drink in fancy cocktails elaborated by the finest mixologists.

A concept that PepsiCo understood very well: the American multinational just launched a premium Cola for cocktails.


1893 is a reference to the creator of Pepsi, Cale Bradham, who invented his famous recipe that year.

The new product comes in 2 flavours: Original Cola and Ginger Cola. Playing on its authenticity, the brand uses natural ingredients like kola nut extract, fair trade sugar, sparkling water and real ginger.

Not convinced? Maybe this commercial with Jeff Galfer playing a sommelier will change your mind.

Just like Fever Tree has become the tonic water loved and used by everyone to make the best Gin & Tonics, will 1893 become the leading cola to be mixed with the best rums?

To be continued…



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