New twist-off caps for Budweiser

A new era has begun. Asking your mate for a beer opener or a lighter is no longer a thing.
With Budweiser that is. (Technically you can still ask for it but won’t be of any use). Sad face.

Budweiser has today announced the launch of Twist-Offs in the UK.


Basically the American brand has done a research amongst a British panel and the outcome was that there is indeed an appetite for this kind of bottles. Well, of course they wouldn’t invest in a multi-million pound campaign if no one was interested. But still. To us it’s like a bottle of wine with no cork, champagne without bubbles, G&T without tonic.

Budweiser twist off

Budweiser will be the first of the major brands in the UK to introduce twist-off caps, inspired by its American heritage where twist-offs have been an iconic feature of its product for decades.

The whole idea behind this product innovation is to facilitate the serving experience so even if you’re lost in the woods you can still enjoy the American beer. I thought opening it was part of the experience and I’m pretty confident that I’m not the only one to think so (I’ve just asked my flatmate and she agrees) – more seriously there are loads of ‘How to’ guides on the internet with amazing tips like using your compass (so actually even if you’re lost in the woods you’d be able to make it with a good old bottle but anyway).


“This is so much more than a packaging innovation for Budweiser – never again will consumers have to search high and low for a bottle opener, or battle to open bottles with their teeth. We’re proud to continue to lead the category in the UK by being the first major beer brand to bring twist-off caps to British consumers, ensuring they now never have to miss a minute of the action – like a goal in an exciting football match,” said Aina Fuller, Senior Brand Manager UK&I at Budweiser.

Let’s twist caps off then.

Source: Your ultimate guide to opening a beer outside



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