Champagne Gun: the ultimate party weapon

Let’s be honest, we all thought that was another April fool. Well, apparently not.

Because popping the cork seems out of fashion, French businessman Jérémy Touitou called ‘The King of Sparklers’ (…) created the Champagne Gun, a ‘harmless party weapon’ that takes any parties to the next level.


All you have to do is pick up a magnum bottle of your favourite overpriced champagne, shake it (a bit), load the gun with it and you’re ready to shoot champagne for the next 45 seconds.

Any bottles can be used as long it is a magnum-sized and just as the new iPhone SE, the champagne gun costs $459 and comes in chrome, gold and rose-gold finishes.

Might be a bit expensive for us humans but sales have been surprisingly good in Miami where musicians and party animals went crazy for it.

gun champagne

You can buy it here, and here is a £5 alternative for your next birthday party.

Check out the video below to see the champagne gun in action:



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