The chocolate bar by Carlsberg

It was a week ago. You were full of chocolate, high on sugar and regretting every decisions you made that day, including eating that whole chocolate bunny by yourself. It was Easter.

It was also the occasion for Carlsberg to launch a new episode of its series “If Carlsberg did” with a pop up chocolate bar. Not as in Mars bar, but as in pub. A whole bar made out of chocolate. Where you could eat the pint after drinking beer out of it. THE DREAM.

The edible bar was built in Shoreditch, London, and required a half ton of chocolate. A freaking half ton!!

Although it only lasted one day, the three metres deep, five metres wide and two metres high bar was quite a good idea to take advantage of the big beer-drinking occasion that is Easter.


If this video brings back memories of you lying on the couch, slowly dying with chocolate dripping out of your month, trust me, we hear you.

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