Seedlip, the first distilled non-alcoholic spirit

Trying to cut down on alcohol for the new year or struggling on your Drynuary challenge?

There’s now an answer to your eternal quest – what to drink when you’re not drinking?

Ben Branson, a UK-based designer, has created the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit: SEEDLIP.


What is it exactly?
Seedlip consists of non-alcoholic distillates of six botanicals, blended together without any alcohol or sugar: American oak, Guatemalan cardamom, allspice, cascarilla bark, grapefruit and lemon peel.

“We are not creating a spirit and stripping the alcohol out, it’s a clever process whereby we use the minimum amount of alcohol to strip out the flavour, and we did lots of work to find the optimum pressure and temperatures to extract the purest flavour. It was a real trial and error process” Ben Branson explained to the Drinks business.

The closest category would be gin as there are some similarities in terms of botanicals but Brandon sees here an opportunity to create a new category of non-alcoholic spirits. The idea is not to imitate alcohol but to create something unique with great flavour.

So, how do we drink it?
Seedlip can be served long or short, one of best option would be to mix it with tonic which enhances its botanical essence (quite like the idea).


Artfully executed
We like the global design inspired by nature and botanical illustrations as well a the pharmaceutical bottle for the product’s medicinal roots. Too bad the first batch got sold out, but you can subscribe in here to know when it will be back in stock!



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