Enjoy your whisky in silence with Nick Offerman

Wanna relax properly during Christmas season? Try drinking a glass of whisky in a leather chair, by the fire. In complete silence.

That’s the idea behind Lagavulin‘s last video.

The famous Scotch asked actor Nick Offerman to give his version of the perfect Yule Log (the tradition Christmas fire). And this version includes drinking his favourite whisky by said fire.

But what makes it so unusual is that Offerman remains completely silent during the whole video, which lasts… 45 minutes!

Yes, 45 minutes of Offerman staring at the camera, sipping on his whisky and occasionally moving on his chair. To be honest we haven’t watch the video until the end but here it is, in case you have nothing to do on a Saturday and you want to spend three quarters of an hour sustaining his gaze.

Fans of Parks and Recreations (in which Offerman plays Ron Swanson) will appreciate how this spot perfectly reflects the character’s love for whisky and for silence.

You know what’s left to do: shut up and drink your Scotch.

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