The Flaviar App: your liquor advocate

“Cos you need an Advocate… companion, concierge, guide, aficionado, buddy, wingman, bff… a total smart-ass by your side.”

Ever experienced the loneliness of staring at supermarket shelves for ages, not knowing what to get? We all have our favourite brands or are at least more familiar with some of them, but trying to decide which Whisky bottle to get can be a living hell.

This is why the Flaviar App has been created. The app provides you with a rating of the chosen beverage, information about the distillery, production methods, reviews and my favourite: a personalised Flavour Spiral described as “the closest you can get to tasting a Whisky before actually tasting it”.

Flaviar app spiral

Flaviar allows you to smell, taste and visualise flavours for a “multi-sensory drinking experience”and gives you access to 10,000 bottles. And for a real tasting drinks can also be purchased directly from the app, both in tasting packs or full-sized bottles.


If you want to order the right stuff next time, download on the App Store for free (if you want to, that is).


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