We recommend: Shebeen, the Irish pop up bar

What to do in London this week? Loads of things obviously, it’s London.

But is there something really special to do? Like a pop up bar with only Irish drinks for example?

Well don’t worry, that place exists and it’s called The Shebeen.

In the heart of Soho, The Shebeen (Irish word used to describe an illegal bar serving alcohol without a license) has the particularity of selling only 3 brands, recently launched by Quintessential Brands. Even better, each floor corresponds to a brand with its own universe and cocktails.

Ground floor is Feeney’s, a luxurious Irish cream liqueur with a smooth taste of Irish whiskey and cream, and notes of chocolate (need I say more??). Try a fancy Feeney’s Espresso Martini or go for a classic Feeney’s on the rocks (my favourite!).



On the first floor you will find the Irishy universe of Dubliner, offering delightful cocktails made with the Irish whiskey of the same name. And if you’re lucky this good fellow might even play some Irish music for you!

041115_2959 041115_2898

If you’re still thirsty, go to the second floor and enjoy a delicious Devil’s Smash (I had too many myself), a cocktail made with the Irish Whiskey Dublin Liberties Oak Devil, the last brand of this premium Irish portfolio. Gothic decor reminding us of Dublin by night to end this tour.

041115_2687 041115_2770

Only 3 days left! The 11th, 12th and 13th November from 5:30 to 10pm, 26 Greek Street W1D 5DE (you can’t miss it, Abi the cow is guarding the entrance).

I almost forgot: free entrance and 1 free drink for everyone!!! (after that £3 to £7 each drink).


Photos by Jolly Thompson.

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