Put Carlsberg on your moustache this Movember

Last Sunday was the beginning of Movember and Carlsberg surprised us once more.

Following its Beer Beauty male grooming series created earlier this year, the Danish beer brand just launched Beer’d beauty, a limited edition of shaving products made from real Carlsberg beer to raise awareness of men’s health issues through the November foundation.

In this new Beer’d beauty range Carlsberg offers a shaving gel, aftershave cream and moustache cream.

Beer'd beauty products

“After seeing a lot of interest in our high quality beauty series from our beer consumers, we decided to dive even deeper into the beauty benefits of beer’s ingredients”, says Mikkel Pilemand, Global Core Beer VP at Carlsberg group.

As it turns out, the main ingredients in Carlsberg beer – hops, barley & yeast – do not only have beautifying properties for hair and skin, but they will also do a great job taking care of your moustache.

In order to increase beer concentration in the products, Carlsberg has freeze-dried its beer into powder before combining it with cosmetics-producer Urtegaarden’s organic ingredients.

Carlsberg Brewmaster Erik Lund explains: “With 200ml of beer in each 100ml product, the new Beer’d Beauty series contains all the good stuff from Carlsberg’s natural ingredients.”

But there is more to the new Beer’d Beauty Series than hops and beautifying properties. Proceeds from sales of the products will go directly to the Movember Foundation with the aim of supporting men’s health.

The three new products will be available here all of November at the price of 61,15€.

If I was a boy I’d definitely get one. But I’m not, so I’ve just watched the video.



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