Heineken reveals James Bond TV ad

Only a couple of weeks left and the new James Bond movie will be released. HOW EXCITING.

Everybody knows that no matter who is embodying this legendary character alcoholic beverages are always going to be involved. Vodka Martini, Bourbon… and beer. He’s only human after all.

Obviously beer brand Heineken is part of it and recently released the first part of an integrated campaign called Spectre. Before going further a little bit of history: Heineken’s association with the James Bond film franchise dates back to 1997’s ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, with Spectre being the seventh consecutive film in the partnership.

TV advert The Chase has just been unveiled featuring the one and only Daniel Craig – of course – as well as a Frenchie – Zara Prassinot –  young woman who accidentally becomes involved in a high-speed boat chase where she helps the world’s favourite spy to save the day.


In this movie Heineken uses Spectre cinematographers and stuntmen to ensure the action sequences are authentically Bond. See the result by yourself:

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