Burger King launches Whopper Wine

Nope, you are not dreaming.
Yep, Whopper Wine is actual wine and not a new burger’s exotic name.

Don’t get too excited though as it will only be available in Spain. And no, it’s not part of a menu.

WHAT IS IT THEN? We hear you screaming behind your screen.

Whopper Wine Burger King Spain

Well. To celebrate its 40th anniversary in Spain the fast food brand took the challenge to create the perfect red wine to pair with a Whopper (if that exists-ha).

This one-of-a-kind wine is Burger King’s own vintage aged in barrels made of “flame-grilled” wood. So, yes the flavour is meant to enhance that of the Whopper.

Sadly we weren’t sent a bottle, and it’s unlikely for you to get one because… you have to be Spanish! If you are – lucky you – you still need to share your best Burger King memory or picture on their Facebook page for a chance to win a bottle.

40 bottles to win. Not a lot, not a lot.


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