Heineken Presents The Jonah Lomu Machine

What happens when you take one of rugby’s biggest legends and hide him inside a prize machine in a Dublin pub?

We’re almost there… only two days to go and the opening match of the Rugby World Cup 2015 will kick off. How exciting is that? Very.

And Heineken decided to add even more excitement to this event. How? Let’s find out.

Part of its ‘It’s your call campaign’ the beer brand surprised guests of the Harry Byrnes pub in Dublin with an unexpected quiz machine

People attending the bar were encouraged to put coins into the vending machine to win balls signed by the All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu.

Not THAT exciting right? Wait a minute.

The balls appeared to be not only personalized but also completed with a compliment such as “love the top” or “like the beard”. A bit confusing for the pub’s guests who slowly started to work out that Jonah Lomu should be hidden somewhere…

heineken jonah lomu machine
And it gets better!

A bit later it was Irish player Shane Horgan’s turn to make his way into the pub to change shift with Lomu and help him out of his secret booth much to the surprise of the rugby fans.

Must have been loads of fun to shoot.


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