Andes’ fake casting gives the fairest night to all guys

How could a beer brand help average looking men hooking up? By removing all the hot guys, obviously!

That’s the idea behind Andes’s last campaign, “The Fairest Night”.

The Argentinian beer invited the most attractive guys of Mendoza to a fake casting, giving the rest of the males the opportunity to go out, club and flirt with the ladies without being surrounded by hunks.

Directed by the agency Del Campo Saatchi, the casting started a Saturday at 10 pm and lasted all night, taking in the process all the hot guys out of the competition for one night and leaving the ordinary guys to be the centre of female attention.

Without suspecting a thing, the candidates read little bits of a text that, pieced together, revealed the stunt: how they were taking off the nightlife of Mendoza for one night, giving more chances to normal guys.

A touch of Argentinian sense of humour, loads of abs and perfect hair is the secret recipe for a sassy ad that we already love! 


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