Trouver la Danoise, new French campaign for Carlsberg

It’s a fact, Carlsberg isn’t a brand like the others.

It’s no surprise that the beer brand has just launched a new campaign for its French market… like no others.

But don’t expect a brand new digital campaign or an interactive YouTube video. No, the beer brand has decided to use one of the most traditional media channel: outdoor.

Created in 1847 by JC Jacobsen, the Carlsberg beer is considered as the first modern lager. The Danish man went all the way to Eastern Europe to get a special yeast to develop the beer in his lab in Copenhagen.
And the recipe hasn’t changed since.

Even though the brand is one of the most famous worldwide its origin remains most of the time unknown. Reason why Carlsberg launched this new campaign called Trouver la danoise’ inviting people to find the authenticity of this Danish lager.

This last campaign features a new visual territory in an illustration style that aims to reflect the Danish spirit.

Carlsberg Danish postersFor the lucky ones who had the chance to travel to the Danish capital, you might recognize the colorful docks or the famous mermaid.

For the unlucky ones here are the pictures 😉






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