Flip the coin at the Rugby Cup with Heineken

Great news for rugby fans: Heineken, the official sponsor of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, is giving you a chance to actually participate in the start of every game of the tournament.

And it could be you.

The brand is launching a global campaign titled “It’s your call” that will give some lucky fans the opportunity to flip the coin that will determine which nation will kick off the game. Everyone in the world can enter the competition (here) for their country and the luckiest of all fans in the world will be responsible for the coin toss at the final.

In front of thousands of people. And in front of the two best rugby teams in the world.

Damn! It’d pee my pants.

Here’s the campaign video.

If you’re a true rugby fan you have identified at least two legends in the video. No? Oh come on! We’ll help you: J*** S*** and J**** L***. Watch it one more time 😉

This campaign developed by the Dublin-based international creative agency ROTHCO is a world first and aims to give fans an experience they won’t forget. Well, they better not!

Thousands of coins are being minted as we speak and the competition will start in Ireland before spreading worldwide.

So, ready?

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