The 1st cannabis-infused IPA

We have not yet heard the last of Cannabis legalization in Colorado. After the rise of wine and weed pairing bars, we now welcome a new innovation: a high-strength cannabis-infused beer.

Produced by Dude’s Brews, this Canna-beer series will be launched during the Great American Beer Festival in September.


Commercializing this range of beers was no easy task. In fact, the beers are made with cannabidoil, the oil extracted from the plant, and finding a legal one was quite difficult, as “locally cultivated cannabis is not legal for brewers, yet”, says owner Mason “Dude” Hembree. Cannabidoil, also known as CBD, is what produces the relaxing effect of marijuana. Or how to save you a trip to the spa.

It took one year of negotiations for Dude’s Brews to find a water-soluble, legal product to infuse in their beers: a 10% Sativa IPA and a 5% Indica double IPA. That last one is recommended to be taken in small amounts. “It’s a big beer, and a dab will do ya” added “Dude” Hembree. Gotcha man!

Head brewer Brian Connery said “It’s the final word in Colorado-style session IPAs. It not only smells like the good stuff, but it has it in there, too.”

Well… I’m sure this news will please more than one person! 

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