How to toast with beer around the world

One important thing when travelling abroad (besides learning how to say hi – like do we kiss, shake hands, hug or just stand there smiling awkwardly – that’s what I do) is to know how to raise your glass properly.

I can imagine most of you thinking “Duh! Nothing more simple than clinking your glass with your friend”. WRONG ANSWER.

It depends on the culture. For instance in France we have to make eye contact when clinking the glasses, which I always find really embarrasing and pull an awkward smile (again). Whereas in Japan you can pour beer for your neighboors but never pour your own – so, erm, a bit confusing:

Our favourite one is without any hesitation the Irish technique: buy a round for your friends, they’ll buy one for you. Easy Peasy.

Check out this video from Let’s Grab a beer that teaches us how people drink beer in Germany, Hungary, Armenia, Brazil, China, Japan, Ireland and the US.

Sláinte you lot!

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