Some days you just want to forget

Thursday Confession: let’s admit it the majority of us likes drinking a beer when having a rough day.

Whether it is related to work, relationships, sports or even the weather (we know it too well, we live in England) having a sip of your favourite beer helps a lot.

Brasilian beer brand Boca Maldita used this feeling in its latest ad that plays off of social media infidelity. Because yes, seeing that your boyfriend commented his ex’s photo on Instagram is probably one the worst feeling ever. Although spotting your girlfriend on Tinder is also pretty tough.

Even if it’s hard to feel sorry for some of those 4 headlines (like if your wife catches you cheating on WhatsApp, well then maybe you deserve it? Open question here) the invitation to drown your sorrows made us smile anyway.  

Instagram beer bocaTINDER BEER boca

Whatsapp beer boca

Facebook beer boca

Pretty good timing with what we could call the Ashley Madison Gate.

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