Brasserie de Monaco: organic craft beers in unlikely settings

Even if holidays are this time definitely over for us, some of you might still have some time off. And what a better destination than the French Riviera?

After wandering on the Promenade des Anglais and savouring an ice cream at Fenocchio in the old town why not heading to Monaco for a night out?

Brasserie monaco out port night

                                                                    Hercule Port – Brasserie de MonacoMonaco brasserie

Not a fan of fancy cocktails, expensive spirits or bling venues? No worries, the Principality isn’t just about jet set lifestyle. But if you like the idea of sipping a craft beer while being surrounded by fancy yachts and luxurious cars, la Brasserie de Monaco is where you should go.

Brasserie de Monaco

Initially created in 1905
at the instigation of H.S.H Prince Albert I the Brasserie stopped brewing for many years until its reoppening in 2008 and started producing its own beer again, right on the Hercule Port.

The Brasserie focuses on quality and tradition and crafts rich organic ales and lagers. The beers are not filtered or pasteurised, and are drawn directly from the vats.

Among the four beers offered we decided to taste the most famous one, Pils (thought it should be popular for a reason – and it was).
Finely-hopped highly traditional Pils based on the recipe of the old brewery, this beer has been awarded the “Fouquet d’Or” last year. And we actually – and not surprisingly – quite liked it!

Pils Brasserie de Monaco

If yourself are tempted to live this experience between tradition and innovation you can find more info in here:

journal de la brasserie de monaco


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