Musician Redfoo as Malibu’s summer brand ambassador

Malibu is probably the most summery drink out there. No doubt the brand signed up a famous singer as its summer brand ambassador.

The Carribean rum with coconut flavour has teamed up with Redfoo, ex LMFAO (you know, the two weirdos with crazy haircuts who released one hit which quickly became quite annoying…) to promote the brand over the summer.

The singer released a song called “Where the sun goes” in which Malibu is subtly named (“Got my Malibu with a view”) and the music video features product placement (smooth).

This collaboration is part of an influencer strategy that aims to make Malibu the center of conversation all summer among young people, Malibu’s target audience. Everyone knows it, summer is the best time of the year to snap a picture of your drink and share it on social networks to brag about the amazing holidays you’re having while your friends stayed working in rainy London (can you hear me crying?).

This partnership gives Malibu the right to use the song on its digital channels and to create social media activation around the lyrics. This collaboration is part of the “Best Summer Ever Project“, a campaign following four young YouTubers traveling around the world and looking for the secret recipe for a perfect summer. As part of the deal, Redfool will feature in the content series, provide additional content (interviews etc) and create an hour-long mix for the brand.


Sina Neubrandt, Global Marketing Manager of Content at Malibu, explained: “Our ambition is for Malibu to become the most talked about spirit brand during the summer. This unique partnership with Redfoo – who is well known for his exuberant attitude – is a fantastic fit for the Malibu brand and builds upon the Best Summer Ever Project, as we aim to create a positive social phenomenon this summer.”

To be honest I prefer Biggy and Tupac rapping about Alizé liqueur but I guess it’s just a matter of taste!

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