True to his word, Cantona DID swim the Channel.

He did it! He finally did it!

A few weeks ago we relayed Eric Cantona‘s big announcement: the former French football player declared he would swim across the Channel from France to Britain if Brits agreed Kronenbourg 1664 was the best beer in the world.

Well, it happened. He did #LeBigSwim.

The beer brand released the last videos of its digital campaign, which aimed to prove the outstanding taste of Kronenbourg’s premium lager 1664. Featuring Cantona on a beach in the North of France, standing in his skin-tight wetsuit, a small crowd cheering on the iconic Chariots’ of Fire theme, the video starts well. Eric Cantona was true to his word.

Well, sort of.

Well, yes, Eric Cantona did climb on his yacht to finish the swim in his heated deck-top swimming pool. So what? Technically he crossed the Channel, as promised. 😉

Ifeoma Dozie, beer brand director at Heineken said:  “We have been thrilled with the encouragement Eric has received from Kronenbourg 1664 supporters to allow him to embark on his swim in his own unique way. The campaign has allowed Kronenbourg 1664 to evolve from depicting a humorous take on the hop farmers of Alsace with a global superstar, to a playful, tongue-in-cheek digitally-led campaign that our consumers have watched and engaged with.”

This campaign obviously plays on the rivalry between France and England and for once, we love it! No hard feelings, right?

Oh but we almost forgot the last part: Cantona’s arrival in England. That pint of 1664 is well deserved, don’t you think?

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