Beer pong expert level

Aaah frat parties… Loud music, people going crazy, guys doing tequila shots out of the girls’s bellybuttons… and the unmissable beer pong!

Never been to one? Us neither. We have a TV though.

For those who don’t know, beer pong is a drinking game (yay!) and the rules are pretty simple (you’re there to drink, you’re not playing scrabble!): one table, two sides, six cups of beer on each side, forming a triangle. You throw a ping pong ball into your opponent’s beer cups and if you aim right and the ball falls into the cup, your opponent must drink down. See? Pretty simple.

A douche playing beer pong with his awesome douche friends

A guy playing beer pong with his awesome friends

The only issue (apart from the obvious overdrinking part) is that the ball is full of bacteria as everyone touches it with their dirty hands and when it lands into your cup, it contaminates your beer. A study by Clemson University students shows that up to 200 different kinds of bacteria are living on the ball while playing indoors and up to 3 millions while playing outdoors.

EW. That’s a lot of possible diseases.

But fear no more as Shakespeare would say, we found the solution: Slip Cup.

A smaller cup that fits over the top of the bigger red cup (yes, like the ones on the photo) and that will catch the ping pong ball. No contact with the beer. You can then take off the small cup and drink. You may loose and end up shitfaced but at least on won’t catch a disease. How cool is that?



Other cool stuffs:

  • each set comes with a manual of 15 additional games
  • a catch element allows the ball in but prevents it from bouncing out
  • Slip Cup is centered-weighted to prevent the cup from falling over

We’ll stop here because it turns out that it’s only available in the US… Oh well, we’ll just have to find another game!

4 thoughts on “Beer pong expert level

  1. Last time I played BP Kulie Paupiette and AS refused to join my friends and me. What a Larryshame on them. But great game 💜❤💖💚


  2. Wow…that’s a brilliant idea! My friends and I play beer pong often. No, there’s not shots out of belly buttons, but music and some passionate cheering? Check! Usually it’s a tournament for bragging rights or fantasy football drafting schedules, but everyone in our group has dogs! There is dog hair constantly stuck to our balls; we do have two cups set up on each side with hot water though, so at least there’s that. But still…would be nice not to have it touch your beer!


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