200,000 individualized Bud Light cans at a music festival

Diet Coke and Absolut Vodka both set the trend for individualized bottles.

Now it’s Bud Light‘s turn: 200,000 different colorful cans will be available at the Mad Decent Block Party music festival, a festival that will hit cities across the U.S. and Canada this summer.

These cans are variations of 31 original designs created in collaboration with both VICE and L.A.-based record label Mad Decent: 4 designs from Mad Decent and 27 from various artists.


The US brewer partnered with HP to create these unique cans, using vertical-printing technology. Thanks to this technology, an algorithm edited a different design for each can. Gina Bazigian, packaging innovations manager at A-B InBev, said: “Each time we’ve printed a label out they’re a little bit different, and that allows us to get 31 million possible label outputs from those 31 designs and ensures that no two cans printed are alike.”

Only possible reaction.


Alex Lambrecht, vp of Bud Light, said that the individualized cans are “very much in line with what Bud Light wants to do for millennials. We know they want something unique and an unexpected experience, and I feel that they will be so surprised and inspired when they order a Bud Light and get these cans.”

We sure would.

He added that if successful, this experience could lead to “more initiatives in the future”.

Nice initiative indeed, but when will we be able to buy one of them if we’re not going to the festival? We kinda like the pink and blue-stripped one, yeah, you know, that one!

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