Discover Johnnie Walker Blue Label through a 360° experience

How to discover a fine whisky properly, other than by simply tasting it?

With a 360° digital experience.

For its finest whisky Blue Label, Johnnie Walker is opening up exclusive tasting classes in selected bars and events, with a supporting interacting film.

This idea is the result of a simple statement: the whisky flavour profile is complex to describe to people like you and me (let’s be honest we’re all a bit dumb). This film, that you can watch on your tablet during the session, combines 360° vistas, binaural sound, video and 3D animation.

Among other cool stuffs, the movie displays the different flavours you can find when drinking the spirit (fruit, spice and of course peat, wood and malt) and is narrated by Johnnie Walker’s Master Distiller.

Created by Iris and digital production company MediaMonks, this tool makes the brand ambassadors’s job much easier.

Using your five senses during the tasting classes, you will be transported to an immersive environment: the world of Blue Label.

James Thompson, global managing director of Diageo Reserve, said: “Our revolutionary new digital mentoring execution breaks the mould in its approach to consumer education. At its heart is the pioneering Symphony in Blue 360° Digital Mentor film, which raises the bar for mentoring by engaging with consumers directly and showcasing our liquid credentials of rarity and craft.”

This app will be launched during events in Johnnie Walker’s key markets (Malaysia, Indonesia and South Africa are already confirmed).

Nice initiative to make whisky tasting a real, long lasting experience!

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