Carlsberg brings joy to London City Airport

Just coming back from holidays myself, I experienced a couple of days ago the loneliness of waiting for my suitcase at the carousel.

On top of the fear that the luggage will never show up is the sadness to realise that holidays. are. over.

But, what if Carlsberg did cases?

The Danish beer brand found the solution to put a smile on travellers’ faces by replacing their suitcases with…beer. What a wonderful idea.

Carlsberg airport
On the video we can see that travellers seem a bit clueless on what to do when the crates of fresh Carlsberg first arrive – JUST TAKE THE BEER PEOPLE! – but to avoid any confusion the brand simply wrote ‘Take Me, I’m Yours’ on the boxes.

Dharmesh Rana, senior brand manager at Carlsberg UK, told The Drum: “Waiting for your luggage when you get home from holiday is that defining moment when you know that your holiday is over, you go from the highs of being on holiday back to the reality of returning to work. That’s why we decided to cheer up returning holidaymakers with a crate of ice-cold Carlsberg.”

Too bad I missed it.

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