The official Walking Dead… beer!

Oh yeah. You read that right. Haters gonna hate.

The US brewer Terrapin is going to launch a Walking Dead beer in honour of the AMC’s TV series that you must know (at least by name) and the original comic book series.

This beer called Blood Orange IPA (what else!) is made with blood orange peel and a “horrific” amount of hops. If you still don’t know what an IPA is a) you are not welcome on this blog anymore b) we still love you so there you go: it stands for India Pale Ale.

The turtle, symbol of Terrapin

The turtle, symbol of Terrapin, turned into a zombie

This product launch is not really surprising from The Terrapin Beer Company as the brewery has been featured previously on the show: if you pay attention you can see labeled boxes of Terrapin (and other craft breweries) in abandoned shops and bars. Besides, the show mostly takes place in Georgia, which is also where Terrapin is based.

This 6.8% IPA will be available later this year in 22 ounce bottles and on draught, so that we can all properly prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

To be continued…


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