Male cheerleader smashing it in Foster’s last ad

A few weeks ago we told you the sad news: Dan and Brad will no longer appear in Foster’s ad.

But no need to be sad, the Australian beer hasn’t lost its sense of humour.

The brand launches a new campaign titled “Why The Hell Not?” and the first episode is already pretty… Foster!

Produced by Independent Film, this campaign is inspired by the “can do” Aussie philosophy of life. Instead of Dan and Brad’s “no worries” advice, the message here is an encouragement to “give life a go”.

And if you watch the first commercial (created by Adam&EveDDB), it all makes sense.

A male rugby cheerleader, in a “female-dominated field”, who embraces his passion while defying the cynics? Why the hell not!

Ifeoma Dozie, beer brand director for Foster’s, said: “Consumers’ outlooks on life have changed – people want to give things a go and share experiences leading to a richer life. The ‘Why The Hell Not?’ campaign taps into this thinking. The campaign maintains the brand’s long association with comedy and complements the wider changes we’ve been making to the brand.”

Special mention for the uniform, as uncomfortable as it looks!

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