Play to decide who’s going to pay that wine bottle!

Every weekend is the same: who’s going to buy that bottle of wine? Your mate or you? You paid last time so technically it’s his turn right? Well forget all of this. The easiest (and funniest) way to decide is to play. But we’re not talking rock-paper-scissors here. We’re talking tic-tac-toe on the bottle. That’s right, on the bottle. Boulanger_3 The student project Boulanger  imagined a crazy packaging for a designer wine bottle. The black chalkboard bottle comes with a tic-tac-toe board and a piece of chalk attached to the neck. Above the board is written “who pays?” Get it now? Just play the game to determine who’s paying the drinks. The genius behind the project (yes, genius) is Santiago Arraz, design student at CEU Cardenal Herrera. He said “This product interacts with the consumer and resolved in a fun way something that nobody likes: pay.” Indeed. Boulanger_2 But that’s not it: as the wine level decreases, Spanish slang words appear to tell you how much wine you’ve had. Could be really fun if you won. Or you could lose every time. And this could lead to the end of a beautiful friendship!

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