Ballantine’s goes underwater for “Stay True”

More and more brands team up with artists to communicate a message.

That’s what Ballantine’s did. 30 meters underwater. Whaaaat?!

The Scotch Whisky brand asked the photographer Benjamin Von Wong, famous for his surreal scenes on land or in immersion, to create a unique shot for its “Stay True” campaign. Ballantine’s asked Von Wong if there was something he never tried before and would like to try, giving him complete freedom which is, let’s be honest, every artist’s dream come true.

Von Wong then decided to recreate a ancient Chinese traditional scene: a cormorant fisherman on a bamboo raft. 30 meters underwater. Yes we’ve said that already but still. 30 FREAKING METERS UNDERWATER!

The cormorant is fake obviously, although we did hesitate for a split second (you too, don’t pretend you didnt’!) BUT the man is 100% real and so is the photo.

VonWong's Underwater Fisherman in collaboration with Ballentines

This amazing scene was photographed in a Mexican cenote, just above a layer of toxic hydrogen sulfide (which is what gives the milky white mist).

In only 5 days, Von Wong and his team (Rob Franklin, diver and director of photography and Lance Lee Davis, freediver and model) realized this extremely complex experience. M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment and Yucatan Productions were also involved in the project, as well as Xibalba which provided the material.

The photographer said “What really works in an image is when people cannot tell what is real, when those lines get blurred”. We couldn’t agree more, Mr Von Wong. And that’s exactly the impression your shot gave us!

There is only one way to leave an impression. Stay True.

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