Alcoholic Architecture: don’t drink, walk through the drinks.

We know what you’re thinking.

“Just another cocktail bar trying to impress us.”

And you’re right. But this experiment goes beyond most experiments.

The culinary-design specialist Bompas & Parr just launched a vapor-based cocktail bar called Alcoholic Architecture.

Based in London, this pop-up bar gives customers the chance to walk through and breathe in the cocktails instead of randomly drinking them. Humidifiers (yes, that thing people use to add water moisture to the air when it’s too dry) turn the alcoholic beverages into a breathable mist that you can enjoy while… well, doing nothing!


So what’s the procedure for this curious immersive experience? Pretty simple: go with your friends, choose the drinks you want to share and Alcoholic Architecture (AA, seriously?!) will handle the rest.

They will pour the beverages directly into the humidifiers to create the “walk-in cloud” that you will absorb without even being aware of it, by breathing it, through your mucous membranes or even through your freaking eyes! (Whaaaaat?). According to Bompas & Parr, that last one is far from unpleasant. Still, wasn’t particularly pleasant when you received a splash of vodka in the eyes at your mate’s go away party.

To keep you safe from the dangerous mist (it’s still alcohol after all) and to prevent your clothes from being soaked (humidity level reaches 140%), you will be asked to wear a poncho. Thus the creepy photo above.

So basically you will just stand there in your poncho, your hair going wild because of the humidity, hands in your pockets, wandering through an alcoholic haze. Sounds like a blast!

Every visit is limited to one hour, which appears to be the equivalent of one shot of hard liquor or a single mixed drink. Oh man, we would need more than one hour in that thing… Luckily for us, regular cocktails are also available at the bar!

If you want to take the cocktail experience to another level, the address is 1 Cathedral St, SE1 9DE London, right next to Borough Market. More details here.

Remember: don’t breathe and drive.

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