NBA star Dwyane Wade launches his own wine label

It’s a new thing: more and more celebrities endorse and launch drinks brands.

After George Clooney Justin Timberlake ‘s tequila or Brangelina’s wine, Miami Heat basketball player Dwyane Wade just introduced his own wine label.

After an intense brainstorm the name of this new range has been revealed: WADE.

On a tour of China, the Miami shooting guard posted a photo of those new bottles of wine on Instagram and wrote:
“Last night I finished the first part of my China tour..which was me launching my very first Wade Wine..Both Shanghai & Beijing events was great and we are looking forward to more in the future..”

This is the only information we have at the moment, all the details are still to follow: wine’s varietal, where it has been produced, where it will be available… So stay tuned for more news.

His friends might know though.


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(For the non NBA fans: Wade, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony)


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