Eric Cantona will swim the English channel if…

…Brits agree Kronenbourg 1664 is the best beer in the world.

Former French footballer Eric Cantona kicks off Kronenbourg 1664’s campaign and plans to swim English channel from France to Britain.

I have an announcement to make” says Manchester United legend in Kronenbourg 1664’s latest ad.

Eric Cantona channel kronenbourg - 1664

In this first 30 seconds video, Cantona, dressed in a thick, blue roll neck jumper announces that if 10,000 Britons agree with him that Kronenbourg 1664 is the greatest tasting beer, he will salute their good taste by swimming the English Channel from France to Britain.

More videos will be released throughout the summer as more Britons agree that Kronenbourg 1664 is a taste suprême. So if you want to be part of Cantona’s journey show your support on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #LeBigSwim.
Wouldn’t want to miss it, huh?

“I have never turned down an opportunity to be bold and make a statement in the name of something I believe in
. When the people of Britain agree with me that Kronenbourg is the most suprême tasting beer, I Cantona, will swim the Channel and show the world once again that I stand up for what I believe in.”
said Cantona.

The objective of this new digitally led campaign entitled #LeBigSwim is to demonstrate the outstanding taste credentials of this premium lager brand, as well as engaging with the brand’s target male audience to increase awareness. Limited edition packaging will also be available across the off-trade.

“Le Big Swim propels Kronenbourg 1664’s humorous take on the hop farmers of Alsace campaign with a global superstar, to a digital campaign that our consumers will want to watch and engage with, building their emotional connection with the lager.” said Ifeoma Dozie, beer brand director at Heineken.

The only thing to do now is to agree that Kronenbourg 1664 is indeed the best lager in the world.
Kronenbourg is the best beer is the world.
Your turn.


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