Bulmers opens the first colourless club in Shoreditch

Here come the men in black.

U.K. cider brand Bulmers has opened last week the first ever entirely black & white bar, and it’s called “LiveColourful” Bar.

Reflecting the brand’s “Live Colourful” ethos,  Bulmers has removed all the colours from its new pop-up bar in London. Furniture, decor, food and even the staff, everything has been totally stripped of all colour.

Bulmers black and white bar 1Wait what?
Monochrome ping-pong table, board games, walls, floor and books.
Black and white popcorn, mozzarella and monochrome cupcakes for the food. Whereas waterproof body paint, hair spray and contact lenses did the trick for the staff to ensure they fitted into the grey scale theme (no less than 1h30 in the make up chair for each member of the staff!).

Allowing the brand to stand out
The only colours in this monochrome venue were provided by the Bulmers cider’s bottles and the customers that shone bright like diamonds in the sky.
Indeed the customers were invited to dress in colour to stand out from the rest of the bar.

Bulmers black and white bar 3

“It’s a monochrome marvel that feels like stepping into a modern day black and white movie. But at the heart of this black and white world, every bottle of Bulmers, and the people drinking them, will stand out in full, glorious colour.”

A very challenging initiative that took over four months to the Bulmers’ team composed of film set designers, makeup artists and practical effects wizards to create.

Bulmers’ black and white bar was opened this weekend in London. Two bottles of Bulmers’ cider were provided to guests in exchange for two entry tokens and customers could enjoy board games, books and ping-pong.
In Shoreditch, obvs.

Nice initiative from the brand to promote the Bulmers’ vibrant and colourful flavour range while putting the customers under the spotlight.

The good guys dress in black, remember that.

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