Carlsberg launches alcohol-free beer

Carlsberg continues its year of innovation by announcing the launch of Carlsberg’s new 0.0%, and as the brand says “it’s probably the best in the world”.

The Danish brand keeps surprising us. After tapping the beauty market with a range of male grooming products or giving crazy haircuts in its latest advert Carlsberg enters the alcohol-free category with the launch of this non-alcoholic beer.

Crafted using the natural ingredients of hops, malt and water, Carlsberg 0.0% retains the sharp and naturally satisfying taste of the brands traditional lager, yet is completely free of alcohol.

Carlsberg 00 non alcoholic 2

The launch of Carlsberg 0.0% comes during a boom in the alcohol-free beer category, which is now worth £41m*. This burgeoning sector poses a huge opportunity for retailers and publicans to capitalise on, particularly in the run up to the summer months, when beer sales spike.

“Insight shows us that drinkers are increasingly looking to find alternatives for when alcohol may not be a suitable option but still want the satisfaction of a great tasting beer, and we’re confident that Carlsberg 0.0% delivers on these key factors” comments David Scott, Director of Brands and Insight at Carlsberg UK.

This new beer joins Carlsberg’s portfolio made of Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export and Carlsberg Citrus, so we can now officialy say: there’s a Carlsberg for every occasion!

And we’ve just broken the record of “Carlsberg” used in a sentence.
Carlsberg. Carlsberg. Carlsberg.

*(Source: Nielsen P4 2015 / CGA P3 2015)

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