Rosé Time, the Apple Watch app to order a glass of wine

Well, we weren’t invited at the Cannes Lions Festival anyway, but it might be interesting for the future of mobile and digital.

A mobile tech company has launched a new Apple Watch app called “Rosé Time”, that basically asks you if you want to drink wine, and brings it to you.

Rosé Time apple watch white

Why did we talk about the Cannes Lions?
Because this app was exclusively created for the event, and allowed guests of the VIP section of Cannes Lions Beach to order a glass of rosé wine by only tapping on the screen of the Apple Watch.

How does it really work?
1. Once in the VIP area, the guest who downloaded the app received a notification asking “Rosé Time”?
2. Clicked yes (like why would they say no)
3. A complementary glass of rosé wine got delivered to the guest’s precise position

Rosé Time
The “Rosé Time” app used iBeacon hot spots to connect with the VIP guest and identify his exact location. No need to leave the beach then.

We agree it’s a bit of an extreme way to order a glass of wine, but it gave the attendees the opportunity to live a cool experience, show off on instagram and yes, make them aware of what it is possible to do in mobile.

Rosé Time?

Courtesy of Urban Airship and Intergalactic.

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