Synchronised swimming world champions perform drunk

Swedish synchronised swimming champions have performed their routine while drunk and you’d be surprised by the result.

Sunny or rainy summer is here and you will probably soon be chilling by the pool sipping your favourite cocktail or enjoying a couple of beers with your friends while putting the world to rights.

This sounds like a lovely plan, but we’d like to make this post to good use to remind you that drinking around water environments can be dangerous.

You know how to swim?
They are world champions, still…

Don't drink and dive

To show how alcohol affects our judgement and capabilities, an insurance company called Trygg-Hansa asked some of the world’s most sought after synchronised swimming team, to perform their routine, drunk. They were filmed for a 3 minutes long documentary “Don’t Drink and Dive”.

After a couple (loads) of shots and few beers the members of the three-time world champion team jump into the pool to recreate their standard routine and…fail miserably.

The Swedish swimmers are also representative of those most likely to drink and dive in Sweden: middle-aged men, reason why they’ve been asked to take part in this campaign.

For those who were wondering no-one was injured during the filming. The Swedish National Team Doctor and two lifeguards from the Swedish Life Saving Society and a Certified Rescue Diver took part in the experience. So, hum, don’t try to do the same at home.

And remember, world champion or not, don’t drink and dive!

Don't drink and diveDon't drink and dive

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