Tan your lemonade with Southern Comfort

Living in England during summer has taught us something: it’s really hard to get a tan.
Like really.

Southern Comfort found the solution for its 3 heroes in the extension of its “Whatever’s comfortable” campaign, and as expected from the brand it’s totally WTF.

This new spot called “Spray Tan” features three blokes in a tanning salon, dressed in shower caps and paper pants, receiving a spray-tan in slow motion.

Don’t get too excited though, they are nothing like our French Dieux du Stade, but an unlikely group of men enjoying this tanning session more than they should.

What about the product?
So yes, the ad ends with our three friends looking all confident sipping a Southern Comfort Lemonade and Lime cocktail (helped by the choice of the tune – All Gold Everything by Soulja Boy).

The final frame ends with the message “Tan your lemonade”, reference to the colour of the Southern Comfort, obviously.

Southern Comfort

A strange approach but nothing weirder than the first advert “Beach” launched in 2012! (Remember the man with a moustache walking on the beach in his tiny tiny speedo swimsuit?)

Our three tanned friends will air all summer in cinema in the UK, should you be tempted to watch the video on a big screen. Wink Wink.

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