Jose Cuervo presents: the 1st 100% agave surfboard!

What happens when a famous tequila brand teams up with a famous surfboard shaper? They make the world’s first surfboard 100% from agave of course! (yes, the plant used for tequila!)

Jose Cuervo and the surfboard designer Gary Linden have worked together on a sustainable project that is both beautiful and functional: the 100% Agave Project.


The renowned surfboard crafter with nearly 50 years of experience, also founder of the Big Wave World Tour, was one of the first to use this material to produce surfboards.

After visiting Jose Cuervo’s distillery in Tequila, Mexico, and meeting everyone (from fieldworkers to scientists), he realized everything he needed was there and started shaping the handcrafted agave surfboard, working closely with the spirit brand to perfect the design.

Linden used a wooden blank from the agave tree to compose the core of his board, and the pulp of the plant (usually used to make paper) to create the finish, placing the agave “sheets” on the wooden planks to form a type of wooden laminate. The fin was created separately and then attached to the rest of the board, reinforced by agave pulp. And to seal the board? The plant sap of course!

Capture d’écran 2015-07-01 à 15.31.11

Voilà! See? Nothing else than agave!

Rideable, the toxic-free surfboard proves that surfing is first of all about being one with Nature and its elements. “We were excited to work with Gary to create an entirely new shaping process, leveraging a material that we have been working with and researching for years,” said Jose Cuervo. “We are thrilled to demonstrate agave’s versatility as a sustainable resource in the surfboard and beyond.”

This organic project has been awarded Best Use of Traditional Material at the 2015 Boardroom Surfboard show and might give ideas to other manufacturers who want to create natural products.

About sharing his designs, Gary Linden said: “Most shapers keep their innovations a secret, but I feel strongly that this is where our industry needs to go. I’m happy to lead by example, and share what I’ve learned. Jose Cuervo and I will continue to work together to improve and perfect this process so that other shapers can adopt it.”

No need to say we truly LOVE and support this type of innovations! Hope we’ll be able to catch some waves on our agave board in a few years 😉

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