Go back in time with a Gladiator Ale

Have you ever wanted to experience a Gladiator’s lifestyle? Picture yourself as Maximus? Or simply wondered what the beer would taste back then?

Well, you can stop wondering and actually taste it yourself.

The Welbeck Abbey Brewery has teamed-up with The Roman Southwell Archaeology Community Project to brew a Roman-style beer.

The community group has researched the style of beer which would have been brewed back then, and formulated a recipe. Exciting huh?

This beer from the past, called “Roman Southwell Gladiator” is a 3.8%  traditional pale ale made with British barley and Boadicea hops.Gladiator beer Welbeck

“The hops are themselves named after the famous Queen of the Iceni tribe, who led a rebellion against the Romans in the 1st century AD. They have a distinctively fresh British meadow aroma of herb and fresh grass – a truly Roman-British beer!” explained a spokesman of the initiative.

The Gladiator beer has been launched last week after having been brewed at Welbeck with the help of volunteer archaeologists, and will be available to purchase in most of the pubs in Southwell.

Might be worth a trip if you’re passionate about history. Or beer.
And for those (just like us) who are wondering where the h*** is Southwell, click here.

For further details about the project, see the Roman Southwell Project website!

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