PimmsDays are warm and sunny and you’re still looking for THE refreshing drink.
Lucky you! We’re always here with fresh and fruity tips.

This month we’re talking about one of the British summertime favourite: PIMM’S.
We are mixing it with Gin, and because we can we also add Cranberry juice.

You weren’t expecting this one, huh? Does it seem too easy?
Well, we are full of surprises.

So if you plan to watch Wimbledon, throw a BBQ party, or simply laze in your back garden stay with us, this is what you need.

We expect you to share it with friends, or to be really thirsty, so here’s the recipe for 4-6. But first, go find your largest jug.

What you need
– 375ml of Pimm’s
– 100ml of Gin
– 1L of lemonade, sparkling please
– 200ml of cranberry juice
– 1 sliced lemon
– Mint leaves and fresh berries
– Ice cubes

Once you’ve got everything, it couldn’t be easier
– Fill ¼ of your jug with ice cubes
– Pour in the Pimm’s, Gin, Lemonade and Cranberry juice
– Add the sliced lemon, mint and fresh berries

And.. oh it’s ready.

We told you it would be a cocktail for lazy days.
Now sip and relax, it’s summer.

Pimms cranberry


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