Berkeley Square London Dry Gin, the “single malt” of gins

If you like the cheap gin & tonic you drink in nightclubs and that tastes like surgical spirit, move along!

But if you like the real stuff, the gin so smooth and elaborated that you can taste every botanicals, then this tasting review is for you.

We had the exceptional opportunity to taste Berkeley Square London Dry Gin, the “single malt” of gins.

This 250 years-old premium gin is distilled at the oldest distillery in England in a traditional pot still (a method that requires more work than the column still distillation method usually used for gins) and infused with a “bouquet garni” made of hand-picked botanicals such as basil, lavender, kaffir lime leaves and sage. 

This method gives Berkeley Square an incredibly complex taste: a rich citrus and herbaceous aroma, notes of basil, sweet lime and juniper, and a long peppery finish are part of the signature of this fine product.

A pot still

A pot still

You can garnish your glass with basil leaves or a lemon twist (we chose the basil leaves).

berkeley tasting

Still not convinced? Berkeley Square is so smooth that you can actually drink it on ice without tonic! (thus the “single malt” of gins).

Of course this exquisite product is not cheap but if you like fine spirits and if you have the occasion to try it, you won’t be disappointed. Cross my heart and hope to die 😉

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