Rekorderlig’s bearded Silver Skaters and quirky coach

What is the similarity between cider and ice-skating?


The first is refreshing to drink, the second to watch.

Rekorderlig silver skaters

Isn’t it?

Swedish cider beer brand Rekorderlig has just launched its latest (and first ever) global brand campaign – it’s bizarre and beautiful.

The video called “Silver Skaters” features two bearded ice-skaters practicing their unconventional routine on a frozen lake, watched by their coach himself singing a weird tune.

Through this quirky campaign the cider brand aims to capture the essence of Scandinavian spirit that is at the core of Rekorderlig’s positioning “Beautifully Swedish”.

“Silver Skaters” is the first work created by Saatchi & Saatchi for the brand, helped by the Swedish artist/director Andreas Nilsson. You might know him from its contributions to some music videos – including MGMT – and oh, Volvo’s Epic Split (yep, the one with Jean-Claude Van Damme, now you remember him, huh?)

Anyway watch it, it’s worth it.
And beautifully Swedish.

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