Aperol Spritz’s perfect serve

spritzAperol Spritz is the perfect drink for summer. You know it, your dog knows it, even your parents know it. Bitter and refreshing, Aperol has learned how to charm everyone, becoming the summertime tipple.

But do you know how to make the perfect Aperol Spritz? 

Easy to make, it’s a drink that everyone wants to try at home. However, the dosage must be precise if you want your Aperol to be good and well balanced.

That’s why the Italian aperitif brand developed a surprising video explaining how to make the “Perfect Serve“.

Produced in collaboration with ENVY, W Communications and Gas & Electric, the video features an intriguing cooper machine that prepares the drink itself. What seems to be the engineer who created the machine activates his invention and waits proudly until the cocktail is ready to drink. The machine works as a domino pile, each object falling resulting in a reaction.

But after his show, the engineer has to put every object back in place to be able to make another Aperol Spritz. A woman takes over, making the drink herself and showing us the simplicity of the recipe: a large wine glass filled with ice, 75 ml of Prosecco, 50 ml of Aperol, 25 ml of soda and a slice of orange.

Directed by PUSH, this film aims to prove us that making an Aperol Spritz is pretty simple (and that you don’t need a sophisticated machine to do it for you!).

So now that you know how easy it is to make the perfect Aperol Spritz, you’re going to be able to please everyone during your pool parties/barbecues or whatever you bunch of party animals fancy doing during summer. You’re welcome!

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