Find “flavour” in Frontier’s new ad

Let’s be honest, billboard campaigns for beers always look a bit the same, even if some are more creative than others. A beer bottle looking fresh out of the fridge, a short text targeting men…

That’s why Frontier‘s last London campaign stands out from the crowd.

The London-based brewer Fuller’s just launched a new marketing campaign for its craft beer Frontier and the result looks great.

The brand, launched two years ago, targets 25 to 45 years-old men who are “renowned for trying new things and exploring new flavours“. That said, Fuller’s asked the agency The Corner to take care of the project and the artist Tom Cole designed bespoke drawings in which the word “flavour” is hidden.

find flavour

Ok we must admit that the word “flavour” is not so hard to find BUT it does look great, right? Besides, the intended effect is achieved: to generate curiosity and attract “adventurous” customers.

Jane Jones, head of marketing at Fuller’s, explained: “Our target audience is keen to try new things in everything they do – from film, to music, to food and drink. This is equally true when it comes to beer. They are looking for the more unusual brands on the bar, are happy to experience and explore new flavours, and Frontier is perfectly placed to satisfy this curiosity.”

The outdoor campaign “Find flavour” is taking place in East London (hellooo hipsters!) and digital ad spaces were bought on Time Out and The Nudge.



When asked about the concept, Neil Simpson, founding partner at The Corner, said: “Fuller’s asked us to build awareness of Frontier lager in a very crowded, highly competitive market. We went for a distinct look and feel with the Find Flavour campaign in order to stand out from the crowd. The work reflects the brand experience from seeking to discovery, and then the reward of finding something fresh.”

So, East Londoners, are you going to try a Frontier and more importantly, did you find “flavour”? 😉

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