Carlsberg launches beer beauty series for men

Tomorrow is Father’s day and we might have the perfect gift for you. Well, you father.

Carlsberg is launching a Beer Beauty Series For Men. Yep, Carlsberg.Carlsberg_Beer_Beauty_Shampoo_White

The Danish beer brand has just entered the beauty market with a series of male grooming products made from beer.

It might sound surprising and our first thought was: why would someone want to smell like beer?
It’s obviously not about the smell (duh) but because Carlsberg lager’s main ingredients – barley, hops & yeast – are packed with vitamine B and silicium that have beautifying properties for hair and skin.

Basically, each product in the Beer Beauty Series contains half a litre of real Carlsberg beer.

Carlsberg Brewmaster Erik Lund explains: “The beer is freeze-dried into a powder, and then mixed with organic ingredients in order to create a unique series of products: shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.”

The range of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion is available at,  but be careful it’s a limited edition! Oh, and it’s 64€.

It’s beauty from beer!



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