Barmate, the revolutionary cocktails machine

You might already be aware of this great news for mojito lovers but hey, we told you we were too busy tasting Belgian beers last week!

Anyway, we couldn’t not mention Barmate, the machine that holds promises of perfect cocktails.

In only 30 seconds, the Blendbow invention makes cocktails like a real barman/barmaid. 150 recipes are programed and customizable, including mojito (and you don’t know how hard is a mojito to make until you’ve actually tried to make one), but also caipirinha, daiquiri, margarita, blue lagoon and other delicious drinks.


But that’s not it: the user can also configure his own recipes (we wouldn’t recommend you inventing recipes when drunk though, even if it seems like a good idea at the time).

Put all of the ingredients you need for your cocktail, select your drink on the touch screen and Barmate will take care of the rest: it will dose alcohols, syrups and juice, sugar, mint, grind the ice cubes, cut the lemons into quarters, stack or shake the preparation… The only thing it won’t do is prevent you for sending that text once you’ve had too many drinks.

Barmate is still a work in progress and Blendbow’s founder Morgan Fellous is looking for people to invest in this project on crowdfunding websites. Two years of R&D were needed to perfect Barmate and the machine targets professionals (bars, restaurants etc), offering an efficient way to save time but, I mean, you can buy it if you have 15.000€ to spend!

Enough talking, let’s see how this beauty works.

It raises a question though: is this the end of the art of mixology? We hope not, there’s no greater thing in a bar than a barman preparing drinks in front of you, right?

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