World’s first connected champagne bottle by Mumm

Maison Mumm pushes the limits of the celebration experience with the launch of a connected magnum

F1 - BRESIL GP 2011Even if you’re not a sports fan, you might recognise the famous Cordon Rouge bottle from Formula One® podiums. For the last 15 years the world’s fastest drivers have been awarded with the brand’s iconic jeroboams, establishing Mumm as the symbol of victory.

Mumm became THE champagne brand for celebrations.

But the brand has recently decided to extend the experience of celebration beyond the ritual of the champagne spray (a bit hard to do at home): on the eve of the Monaco Grand Prix, Maison Mumm hosted a private event with international musician Mark Ronson to launch the first digitally connected champagne bottle.

How does it work?
When the cork is popped from the bottle an interactive experience is triggered in the venue, creating a multi-sensory experience that amplifies the moment of celebration, and put your table under the spotlight. Basically a sensor links to a receiver in the venue’s audio and visual system for a sound and visual experience that can be personalised by each club.


Maison Mumm’s objective is to enhance the night life experience and to bring the thrill of the Formula One® podium moment in nightclubs.

The brand will be rolling out this connected bottle to venues and clubs this summer. Understand prestigious nightclubs obviously.

Will you dare to celebrate?
If you’re not part of la creme de la creme you can watch the video, it’s free.

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