Absolut Vodka thinks green with Creative Space

The environmental issue is also an important matter in the drinks business.

How to recycle glass bottles, for example? That’s one of the questions innovators tried to answer, thanks to Absolut Vodka.

The famous vodka brand had the crazy idea to transform four old storage containers into Creative Space, a place where designers, engineers and students could get together from June 12 to 14 and brainstorm sustainable innovations to solve environmental challenges. This brilliant idea took place in Gröndal, Sweden and the company plans to ship it to other locations.

These shipping containers used to transport Absolut vodka bottles and were designed into Creative Space by architects Charlotte Stuveback and Astrid Skog. Creative Space consists in 5 areas called the Bar, the Distillery, the Workshop, the Bottlery and the Landscape, all with a different use: the Bar is a place to relax and find inspiration whereas the Workshop is a place where participants can create their project mock-ups and prototypes.


The company selected 16 creative minds from a range of different professions to participate in this unique “hackathon” that aimed to find solutions to the issues the company faces. These challenges go from minimizing the company’s environmental impact to encouraging people to reuse their Absolut bottles.

Some Absolut Company employees were also present to give innovators insights and knowledge on the company to guide them through their ideas. The experts worked in groups to find sustainable and viable solutions than could be then produced by the company and a jury selected a winning project among all projects.

The Creative Space wining team

The Creative Space wining team

The jury included Anna Schreil, Director of Product Development for Absolut Vodka, Ulf Skarin, Editor in Chief for Business Week and Jean-François Roucou, Director of Global Sustainability for Pernod Ricard. The wining team was composed by one engineer, two designers and one sustainable entrepreneur and their project was a recharging solution in eco-design that would optimize transportation and have a great impact on sustainability.

All of our congratulations to them and to Absolut for this concept. Way to go, Absolut!

Now let’s see how the company will implement the idea!

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