Finlandia, to a less ordinary living

“Be nobody’s bitch but your own” says vodka brand Finlandia.

In its new spot the brand tries to capture the wisdom of an amazing cast of real-life characters. And succeeds!

FINLANDIAFinlandia travelled all around the world to find 14 persons who could embody its “less ordinary” spirit. The result is a documentary-style video called “1000 Years of Less Ordinary Wisdom” which objective is, you guessed it, to inspire others to… lead a “less ordinary” life.

Why 1000 years?

FINLANDIA LESS ORDINARY LIFE MOUNTAINBecause the age of the 14 characters adds up to 1000 years.
Indeed the video features people like Cassandro, a 45-year-old Mexican drag wrestler, The Mountain from Game of Thrones (whose real name is Hafthor Julius Bjornsson and who also happens to be the world’s third strongest man – surprised? not really) or Iris Apfel the 93-year-old fashion icon.

Those 14 interesting characters give unconventional advice throughout the 3 minutes video such as “Life is too short for bad drinks” or “Too old is a lousy excuse” as an inspiration to live life to the fullest.

A real invitation from the agency Wieden + Kennedy London to embark on a journey of discovery – from the Finnish forests to the vibrant streets of New Orlean.


The Finlandia Vodka’s facebook page will also feature a cocktail recipe for each character, as a tribute to their unique lifestyle. Stay tuned to discover a bit more about their universe!

And don’t forget to “Take care of your friends”. Especially if they are bears.


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